Our Mission

Evolution World Wide's mission is to turn great ideas and great people into exceptional business success.

Our Difference

Evolution World Wide is different from other technology equity firms. We help firms succeed not only by providing capital injection but also help firms to effectively use the capital. We assist our portfolio companies in choosing tax beneficial jurisdictions and in finding low-cost high-quality R&D outsourcing in developing nations. We utilize our relationships in the advertising industry to secure low-cost high-quality advertising for our portfolio companies. Our goal has always been to achieve more with less.

Our Ideology

We do not count impressions, clicks, hits, or even care about the core technology.
Instead, we count revenue, market share and, above all, free cash flow. We believe great technology is as good as its profit potential.

Do you have great ideas and, more importantly, great ideas to generate exceptional financial returns? We can help turn your ideas into a cash machine.

Do we share a common passion for uncompromising financial results? Let's talk business.




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